Thursday, January 21, 2016

Milk and Cookies

It had been a lazy day for me when I decided to go to the grocery and grab some milk and cookies. It was a Monday night, it was late, and this little ritual of munchies is my nightcap these days. I wasn’t trying to see anyone or talk to anyone, for sure, so I used the self check out line. My errand was running smoothly until I made a terrible mistake.

While scanning in my items, I heard another customer talking to the associate assigned to monitor the kiosks.  I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation until I heard the patron say, “Well, I won’t listen to him, but I’m excited that our governor Nikki Haley will be giving the rebuttal.” She was speaking of The POTUS’s State of the Union address that was coming up on Tuesday evening.

The shopper was a small lady who stood about 5 feet, four inches and had a slim build who looked to be in her early 60s. I first caught a glimpse of her when I heard her comment and looked over my left shoulder purely as a reflex. I did not want to engage in that conversation, for sure. Being in South Carolina my entire life, Ive grown quite used to not having the same ideology as most people in the area. For years, I have just kept my mouth shut as often as possible.

That’s when the patron (I’ll call her Rush, as in rush to judgement) caught my eye and asked me a question. While nodding her head in the affirmative, Rush asked me, “Aren’t you excited?”