Saturday, June 9, 2012

Raider’s Luck

Raider's Luck

One day, out of the blue, someone said,
"Donnie, we should take that dog from Grandma."
My live-in girlfriend at the time was suggesting this.
"What dog", I ask her.
"The stray dog that she found a couple of weeks ago."
Hm. I guess this is not out of the blue. Not sure, now.

"I don't think we should", I say.
"Well, Grandma is coming this weekend,
so we can meet Raider."

With that, the name of my first dog was Raider,
and it didn't take me long to fall in love with her.
She was the best you could ask for. She was easily trained,
rarely barked, and was friendly as any pretty dog could be.

A few years later, the same gf told me that
the humane society telethon was coming up.
Her brother was running it, and that meant we were volunteering.

It was for a good cause, so why not?
We just have to promise each other,
No Dog.

There were two floors at the television studio,
and, of course, the programming was showing, throughout.
I was downstairs, and my gf was upstairs, when a dog caught
my eye on the television. I thought, "Wow, that dog looks like Raider."

I was really excited, and started to run up the stairs.
My gf was running down at the same time, and we
met at the switchback. In unison, we said,
"Yeah, I saw her, too."

I tried to say no, and be the strong one, but I couldn't.
She was in the lap of a woman answering the phones.
The poor dog was shaking, and scared.

So, my second dog was named Lucky.
She was Lucky that I took her home.

We weren't quite sure how the dogs would
react to each other, but I had my camera ready.

The picture in the center of the collage is Lucky.
Raider is the larger dog, with the goatee, and red collar.
The dog that is cutting her eyes at me in most of the pictures.
She got over it quickly.

They truly were my best friends.

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