Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Being a thin man, I am often perturbed by the double standard of mockery when it comes to weight.

Hey Skinny Boy!
Is that all you are going to eat?
Why don't you eat something?
You never eat enough.
Are you OK? You are skin, and bones.
Hey, a breeze is going to blow you down.

All of these comments are tiresome, and old. I would be completely out of line, if things were the other way around.

Hey Fat Boy!
Are you going to eat that much?
Why don't you stop eating?
You eat too much.
Are you OK? You are skin, and fat.
Hey, a breeze will stir up, if you fall down.

It would be phat to sit, and enjoy a meal without others observing, and commenting, on my habits.
That's the skinny.

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