Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Limitless Sky

Limitless Sky

There has been due concern over this summer's weather.  Excruciating heat, and humidity as thick as a morning fog, are among the complaints we have here in The U.S.  In addition, the seemingly never-ending drought that has its grip on most of the nation's soil has afforded sufficient worry.  However, the late evening, and early morning horizon, never fails to impress a watercolor of artwork for all to see.

Recently, I have found my camera lens, and contact lenses, have been holding fast to the skyline.  It has not been a matter of whether I should capture any photos, but when to stop clicking.  I have always been enamored with sunrise, and sunset, and the vivid colors they provide.

Lately, I have given more attention to the moments preceding the rising sun, and following the settling light.  Dusk and dawn accommodate more than the colors of the rainbow, but a cornucopia of pigments, and blends, that only The Earth's sky can provide.

Cherry, honey, and tangerine hues are to be expected.  Often overlooked are the white, silver, and granite colors melded together.  Salmon, pomegranate, and a kaleidoscope of blue shades are always in the mix, as well.

There are numberless aspects, and perspectives of the canvas of skies on our lovely planet.  Coastal South Carolina provides an abundance of dazzling and elegant panoramas twice per day, and I find myself in awe every single time I gaze.

All in all, looking up is not a bad trait to have.

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