Thursday, June 7, 2012



Although, I was invited to Cowbird only a month ago, I have become emotionally involved. Cowbird is no teenage crush. Whether it is the wordiness of my stories, or my overall time spent here, my self-government is ever changing. My constant use of pinky back-spacing could very well lead to some sort of repetitive stress trauma.

In my want to investigate where every love comes from, and all the new perspectives I can gain, my inbox is beginning to be overrun. When I see a new name, I want to see what you are up to. Its as if I'm trying to stop a levee break with a sponge. As soon as I think I am getting somewhere, a new day is here, and the flood gates are still open.

I have fessed up to a lot of things lately, but I am not a Cowbird addict. This has to be passion, and not just my addictive persona coming through. Right? Right. Cowbird has come to me with such perfect timing, I feel blessed. I appreciate every moment of my time here, and all that you share with me.

Cowbird is just beginning,
and I'm about as green as they come.


The boy in the blue shorts is my younger brother.
Its 25 years ago, but he is still a go-getter.

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