Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Memorial Day Mid-West Surge

   14 Memorial Day

  We're going to Folly Beach today.
D is driving a bunch of us in her Porsche SUV.
Its filled with tipsy, windblown, friends, beer, and jello shots.
Jello shots on the beach=gelatinous, watermelon flavored sand.
Its the annual Memorial Day weekend traffic jam.
Cars filled with pale faced grins, and tagged with Ohio plates.
Just one more year, with a weekend of tourists visiting
and leaving all of their trash on the beach.
We go down to 10th block to try to avoid the obese banana hammocks,
and over-filled string bikinis.
Red and white striped from the well intentioned but ill placement of sunblock.
We are the locals.
We are the "classy" ones.
Would you like a jello shot or a Solo cup of canned PBR?
You're welcome, now please don't leave a family sized footprint.

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