Friday, April 13, 2012

4- Updating Shots

 Recalling everything has been the most difficult, so far.  My body is taking a beating, to say the least, and my brain is broken  I am totally confused, and cracked.  Everything is chaotic, erratic, and messy. Its all out of order, in pieces, defective, and whacked.  Something unusual is happening, and I'm just going with it.  My family and close friends are here, and I don't know why.
My mom, my step dad Ed, my brother Tim, and his wife Julie are in town.  My good friend Weaver is there with his wife Shelly, too.  I'm not sure why everyone is here.  My brother and I are just getting physicals, and our shots updated.  Mom is just concerned for some reason, and wants her boys to get checked out.  
We are in a house on Upper King that's been converted to a waiting area for tests and such. I'm kind of sitting up in a hospital bed and sharing it with people on both sides.  They are sitting really close.  So close, I can't move my arms, and I feel like they are almost lying on top of me.  All the tests are taking forever, and no one can tell me what's up.  I'm not going to be able to get to work tomorrow, and I need to get my bag from the back hall of  the bar where I work.  After a lot of convincing mom, she lets me walk down there.  As I'm walking down King Street, to the bar its dark, a little cold, breezy, and misty.  The walk doesn't seem to take long.

     When I go in, its about 10:45 and its not too busy, yet.  I make my way to the back, and look in my bag to see if I have any mini bottles (airplane bottles) of sweet tea vodka.  No such luck.  I start to head back, and I stop near the end of the bar.  Yep, the only place to get in and out of the bar (where everyone stands).  Anyway, I tell J (owner of the bar) that I'm not going to be able to make it to work because I have to go to the hospital the next day.  As always, he says, 'Do what you have to do.  Take care of yourself.  We've got this.'  'Cool, thanks, Jim.  Before I go lets do a shot real quick.  I don't want to take shots in front of my mom.'  Then, I head back to the upper King spot.
I remember lying in the bed again, and these two people are really hogging the bed.  Its super frustrating.  I don't know anyone in the room anymore.  I'm not sure who they are, and I don't remember any faces, but they know me.  I'm asking why everyone went out to grab dinner and left without me.  That's really unusual since my family lives in Beaufort and Atlanta.  Not one person will pay attention to me.  People keep walking by me, but they act like I'm not even there.  Now, the whole room is empty, there is shelving, but no books, or television.  Let me off of this bed!
Then, there is my mom.  She's looking at me, and a lot of other people standing around.  Now, the room is white, and the lights are super bright.  Everything is kind of out of focus, and people are suddenly happy to talk to me.  I still can't move, and I feel heavy.  What...what?  I don't know which level of consciousness I'm in at any given moment?
Up until I saw my mom none of the other stuff happened,  It was some kind of specter or a dream.  I don't know. My eyes had not opened the whole time.  It was Saturday.  I had been lying in that bed for two days, and I was in a coma.  I was unaware and unresponsive, but my vitals were stable.  I didn't go to AC's, and I wasn't hanging out with my family friends.  My brain must have been working overtime to fix what was happening to it.  It just all seemed so real.  How could I have any idea that my blood was like poison running through my veins.

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