Saturday, April 28, 2012

Elusive Slumberland

Autumn 2011
The nightmare is trying to fall asleep.
Another day has gone by with nothing tangible to show for it.
Being loved, liked, and known doesn't matter when you're alone.
I told myself that I would begin to fix things tomorrow.
I say that every night. Every night for as long as I can remember.
If I had just used my college degree.
If I were not so impulsive.
If I had spent all of this time and money
on bettering myself, instead of vodka.
I would be a millionaire.
No. I wouldn't.
I would have enough money
to finish the job.
Success would mean death
But then what is this?
I live in the fast lane
Constantly creating laughs
To make up for the pain.
In order to start
I have to stop.
I just need three
three sweaty hours of sleep.
Dreams are so happy
I don't want to wake up,
If I sleep all day
Nothing will happen
Good or Bad.

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